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A Little About Me

I’m Dan, a retired chef now living in Costa Rica. My wife and father are with me and our three grown daughters visit from time to time. After almost thirty years in the kitchen I thought it was time for a change. Although I loved cooking for others and saw that I could help make them happy. A great chef, Jacques Pepin dedicated one of his books to “The Chefs who sweat to create cordiality among men.” However, the kitchen is really a younger man or woman’s game. I went into sales from there and later telephone marketing. Here was an opportunity to interact with many people on a daily basis. After about eight years of this I started teaching ESL in Bogotá Colombia, Miami FL and Elizabeth NJ. Teaching was very fulfilling but after three years I returned to sales, this time retail so face to face contact with lots of people. I loved that interaction. Now I’d like to reach even greater numbers of people online, talking to like-minded people who share my love of quality coffee


As I learned my craft from some really accomplished chefs I wanted the meals I created to be the very best they could be. Attention to detail was my motto. Folks were paying good money for their meals and I wanted each and every one to feel that their money was well spent. From soup to nuts as they say. Including coffee. It was always my delight to enjoy a great cup of coffee after a good meal. Little by little I learned how attention to detail would produce the best results. I found that preparation of fine coffee wasn’t so simple. Not that it’s difficult but you need to have each element in order. When a friend gifted me a bag of freshly roasted beans from Honduras that my eyes and taste buds were opened to gourmet coffee. We tried various methods including an espresso machine, Moka pots and French press till we settled on the pourover method. My passion is to get the best coffee into your cup for your full enjoyment



Our desire here is to initiate conversation about fine coffee acquisition and consumption how to obtain the best equipment to accomplish this I will be suggesting various purveyors and informative blogs concerning gourmet coffee I’ll ask for your questions and opinions. We’ll try to learn together
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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  1. Just a note to our visitors. Being stationed here in Costa Rica requires us to be English Spanish bi-lingual. I will always try to be sure to have translations for all posts here. We really want every visitor to feel comfortable. Have a great day and keep the best brew in your cups. Dan

  2. Dan what is the pour over method? Is it the picture below? I love a really good tasting coffee. I Dont drink it black. Not yet anyhow…

    Happy New Years to You, Your Wife Your Father and Daughters!

    • Hi Victoria and thanks for visiting my site. We wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you too.
      Yes the photo does indeed depict the Pourover method. This is our current favorite way to prepare our daily cup. We feel this gives you the most control over the brewing process. Water temperature, grind and brewing time come together to yield a great cup of cofee. We are using Hairo´s V60 No, 2 dripper for everyday coffee and a Melitta 10 Cup Pourover when entertaining. We recomend grinding the freshest beans as close to brewing time as possible. The grind should be coarse similiar to Kosher salt. You can adjust the grind to your taste as you go along. Your water should be a minute or so off the boil, about 195 degrees. So set up your dripper, if you are usung a paper filter fold the seams over so it fits snugly in the cone. First you´ll ‘bloom’ the grinds. This is to moisten them so to let carbon dioxide escape so the water can saturate the soluable particles completely. Wait 45 to 90 seconds then begin your pour. This works best with a gooseneck kettle. Anything will do the trick. Start at the center and slowly make an expanding outward spiral to submerge all of the grinds. This should take about 2.5 to 3 minutes to use all of the water. About ratios; for each 6 ounces of water 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Baristas weigh everything on digital gram scales but this works just fine for us. To get started; Most supermarkets in the US sell individual pourover cones with matching trermal mugs. If you have a Whole Foods near they roast fresh beans in their stores at a reasonable price, We use an electric kettle to boil water but any method is fine. I´m using a GE burr grinder now, but I have my eyes on a Baritza Encor Grinder (about $139). I´ll be posting all of this information here in greater detail soon, as well as links to obtain the best equpiment at the best price. I wish you much enjoyment in your quest for the perfect cup of coffee! Let me know how it goes and if any questions arise I´ll be here to guide you.

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