What Is The Best Method To Prepare Coffee?

Such a controversial question! There’s probable not a simple answer.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Coffee being the most widely drunk beverage in this world leads to a multiplicity of tastes. We find many specific methods to brew that each feels is the best way to prepare coffee. Some of us never taste coffee prepared any other than what was the first method we tasted. Whether a drip coffee maker or a percolator or maybe a stove top espresso maker, that is a moka pot. Seems that we are mostly creatures of habit.

There are chains in different places around the world. Having been raised in New Jersey we always saw Dunkin Donuts stores. Later Starbucks came along. Each with their specific niche. Let’s not let these large outlets define what good coffee is to us. I don’t want to offend anyone but I wouldn’t take my best friend to one of those for a good cup of coffee. We’d probably head to a cafe known for it’s warm surroundings. In urban NJ there are many Latino Bakeries that serve really good espresso. We find many choices if we look around a little. Where can we get the best cup of coffee? To each his own.

What’s Your Favorite Method To Prepare Your Coffee?

Drip Coffee Maker


 K-Cup Coffee Machine

Which Method To Choose?


Most coffee is probably prepared in a drip coffee maker and most of the ground coffee sold in the US is ground coarse to work best using this method. Some still use percolators and the K cup is also popular. There are some inherent problems with these methods. Drip systems don’t heat the water to the temperature needed, then use a hotplate to raise the temperature. From bad to worse. The K cup is goof for only one cup at a time so not so good when friends arrive. This system is quite easy for those on the go and delivers a pretty good cup. Coffee sales have declined because of the proliferation of K cup machines. Since you make exactly one cup at a time there’s never a second cup! Some folks still use the good old percolator and like their coffee as such.


Moka Pot Espresso Maker

The Moka Pot or stove top espresso pot is seen mostly among immigrant populations. Very good coffee is served from there pots. Simply purchase espresso grind put it into the filter, fill the bottom with water and put it on the fire. In five minutes you enjoy fresh homemade espresso coffee.

French Press

The French press is very popular in Europe and a sharp eye can see this method used in movies and TV series. This is another simple way to prepare what lovers of earthy coffee  enjoy. Just place coarsely ground coffee into the jar and add hot water, wait five minutes and depress the filter. There you have a full-bodied fresh brewed cup of coffee.


Pour-Over / My Favorite Method

Pour-over over method is what I call “active coffee preparation.” You need to do some preparation yourself. The grind, water temperature and brewing time can be controlled to achieve the perfect cup. This is my personal favorite. There’s a little history connected with this method. At the turn of the last century a mother in Germany was seeking a better way to brew coffee. Filters were not heard of and if you weren’t careful you’d wind up chewing your coffee. Her son was studying to be a draftsman and she noticed that the paper he used was very sheer. The idea came to her to filter her coffee through this paper. It worked well and the coffee filter was born. Her name was Melitta Benz.

Which Do You Like Best?

These are some of the most widely used methods to brew coffee. Which is the best way to prepare coffee? The answer is within each off us. As it’s been said, “one’s meat is another’s poison.” There is much room for debate and we’d like to hear your thoughts to this in an open discussion.

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Till Next Time

We’ve looked at a few of the many ways to brew coffee. Some more widely used than others. We’ll look into each method individually as it’s merited. Other methods will be discussed as well.

There’s these as well:

  • Chemex Originally created in the 1940s, this slow-and-steady approach to coffee brewing has made a comeback in the last few years. …
  • Cold Brew. …
  • French Press. …
  • Instant Mix. …
  • Single Serve. …
  • Standard Drip. …
  • The “Cowboy” Method

Keep the best brew in your cup till we meet again!





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